Newborn Letter

My Dearest Liam,

I really don't know why I have taken this long to write this letter. I've been thinking of it for weeks. To say that life is crazy and everyday feels like I'm driving full speed on the autobon would be an honest understatement.

Life has never been this good. You have changed me forever and the past 7 months have been the most blessed days of my life.

You're upstairs sleeping in your crib right now. You're curled up on your side (because you love to sleep on your side now), elephant Wub-a-nub In your mouth, snuggling your Monkey taggie and there's no way in the world you could look any more precious. You are the love of my life and I walk into your bedroom at night and just stare at you. Sometimes your dad is there with me, other times not, but each time I look down at you sleeping so peacefully my heart swells three times its size.

Everything in the world is new to you. You grab at everything. You love to jump in your jump a roo and every single thing you see goes into your mouth. You've completely conquered rolling onto your tummy, but back to your back? Not quite yet! You sit on your own and play and I cannot believe how fast you've grown.

It seems like yesterday we were decorating your room and trying to find a place to put all the gifts we got at the baby shower. I would sit in the rocking chair I now sit in every night to rock you to sleep and I would rub my belly and think about how much my life would change once you came. I was so nervous, excited and full of uncertainty. Then you came and instantly I couldn't imagine what it was like before you were there. When the doctor dropped you on my my belly after you were born it was the happiest moment of my life.

From that point on you were my everything. I took so much pride in dressing you everyday even if we weren't going anywhere. Most of the time I was home with you on maternity leave we were snowed in! I used to look forward to finally getting to leave and walking you around the mall or Target. Those were our big days out! With each passing day your eyes opened more, your voice found more and more to say and you first smiled at me just a couple weeks after you were born. Your gummy smile made any bad day better. Still, at 7 months, that gummy smile melts my heart. I can't wait to see what you look like when your first tooth comes through.

I will say, the first 4 months were very hard. You were a Collicky baby and neither your dad or I knew what to do most of the time. You challenged our patience very early on! But then somehow at 4.5 months it was like someone turned the switch off on your fussiness and you came to life! These past 7 months have been amazing and you truly are such a happy baby. The amount of love you receive from all of our friends and family is immense and nothing could ever make me happier.

I want you to know how much I love you. You are my everything and I will work as hard as I can everyday of my life to be the best mother I can for you. I know I won't always get it right but please always know, I am trying my hardest. The amount of happiness you have brought to me and daddy's life is something I don't think you could ever comprehend. I just hope one day you'll be blessed with your own children and you will know what the true meaning of life is.

You are my pride and joy, Liam and I will always be here for you. No matter what. You are my greatest accomplishment and I love you with all my heart.



- - 

1 year old letter

Dear My Sweet Beautiful Baby Blake,

What a wonderful year it has been with you! You came into this world on January 22nd 2013 when it was 6 degrees exactly!
You have been such a good baby. You are so sweet and smiley and such a good sleeper :) Your first word was Da-Da and then Ma-Ma. Now you are saying "ball" all the time and you want to be holding a ball constantly!

You started walking at 10 1/2 months and you sure do keep us running! You are into absolutely everything and so curious. You love your brothers so much and they love you. We took you camping at Hocking Hills when you were just 3 months old and then to Mackinac Island when you were 6 months. You are the greatest joy of my life and it is so fun to watch you grow! I love you to the moon and back!

Your Ma-ma

- - 

2 year old letter

My Dearest, Sweetest, Baby boy Blake,

You've grown up so much this year and lots has changed since your 1st birthday.  Mostly, I notice how much you TALK. Recently Mommy and I counted all the words you know and it was over 100!  You call me "Da-ie". You call Ryan "Ya-Ya." You know every part of your body and you love to give kisses. You give the best kisses ever.  Your bottom lip sticks way out and it's the cutest thing ever! You had your 1st haircut this year, you have 50 bruises on your legs, you love, love LOVE BALLS and of the 700 times I changed your diaper this year, not one of them was easy.  Constant motion.  If you would just stay still it would be so much faster and tear-free son.

This summer we took a family vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  To our surprise, you were not a big fan of the sand which meant you weren't running everywhere and you stayed close to me and mommy.  Also this summer, we would take our daily walks around the neighborhood which you loved.  I was amazed at how you could always spot an airplane flying WAY up in the sky.  You would say "bee!" and point.  During the summer we would also go to Luca's swimming lessons. You loved this...I did not.  While other toddlers were sitting on their parents laps watching their siblings swim, you would run around the edge of the pool, grab other kids pool toys, and throw rocks whenever you got the chance.  I hardly got to see Luca swim because I was constantly chasing you (you little stinker!)

Some other highlights from this year...For a while when we would ask you if you want something more to eat of something you really liked you would nod your head VERY slowly with a big smile on your face.  I also taught you to "blow out the lights" around the house.  I would stand by the light switch and flick it on or off behind my back as you would look a the light, close your eyes and blow (through your nose), thinking you actually made it change.  So cute.  You know what's not so cute? You striking and completely cracking (breaking) our new TV! Yes, you did do that.  But we love you so much anyway.  I love you so much son (even though you are a total Momma's boy!) You yell "MOM!" every morning when you wake up.

I am looking forward to all of the happiness you bring in year three.


Daddy (Da-ie)

- -

6 Year old Letter

Dear Luca,

Happy 6th Birthday! I can't believe how big you are getting! You have learned so much this year.  You went to Medina Christian Academy for kindergarten and you were so smart in your class.  You learned to read this year!

You did go to the principals office once for hitting a kid and it didn't seem to phase you too much (ahhh I am going to have my hands full with you!)

This past year we celebrated your birthday in Ocean City, Maryland.  I decorated your room with balloons while you were sleeping and you loved it! You got to pick where we would eat for dinner and you picked ribs, it was really delicious :)

This year you were into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  You also played soccer and were definitely the best one on the team! (This was a big improvement from crying on the field last year). You have been such a big help with your baby brother Blake.  He tries to do everything you do and you both love each other so much.  It is so fun watching you grow and I am so proud to be your Mom. 

I love you to the moon!